Friday, September 15, 2006

The Mad City

I went to the most hilarious bar last night: The Dry Bean Smokehouse and Saloon.

At the front door, there was a Harley parked next to a BMW Z4. It pretty much summed up the whole place. The Dry Bean was a veritable social rainbow. I saw a couple of bona fide cowboys. Some gangstas made their presence known. There was even a guy in a wheelchair. Suburban MILF's were letting it all hang out. And of course, there were plenty of 20-somethings (myself included) drinking their faces off.

I walked in the bathroom and a Mexican guy was standing in front of the mirror, with his shirt off, spreading his arms.

This place sounds like an anomaly, but I've figured out exactly why it had such a unique scene. In addition to being a bar, The Dry Bean has a local monopoly on 2 universal human needs that bring out the animals in all of us: karaoke and smoking.

Turns out everyone there had more in common than I originally thought.

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