Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi There

Welcome to Derka! This is a stream-of-consciousness blog which will look at the world through my very unique lens of perception. A little something about the title: "Derka" was originally popularized by the movie "Team America", but the meaning of the word in the context of this blog is much different. I guess the best way I could define my use of the word would be "an expression of frustrated surprise". Something annoying interrupted whatever it was you were doing or thinking, and you respond with the expression "derka!"

But derka is only defined by how you use it, and it can take on many forms.
  • "Derka" can be an expression of mental or physical exhaustion.
  • "Derk" or "Derking" can indicate performance of some sort of robot-like or mindless activity.
  • "Derka derka" can be substituted for an actual quote (the actual meaning can usually be interpreted by the context of the conversation) when recounting an event.
  • This introduces the concept of context. Derka can take on any meaning based on the context in which it is used. In fact, that's how most of my 'definitions' of the word originated.
ANYWAY, no more definitions. I just wanted to make sure you understand what the title of this blog means: It's really an expression of my life events/mental state right now. I had 4 years of college and minimal responsibility, graduated, hung out and didn't work for 3 months, moved to Madison, and all of a sudden... I have to be a real person! DERKA!

Future topics: getting derked by central time TV schedules, the irony of Facebook, living in Madison, working for "the man", the cultural revolution that the internet is facilitating, the universal stupidity of sorority girls, and anything in the public domain that I think is worth discussing or experiencing.

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