Friday, March 21, 2008

My Disdain for Doug Gottlieb

Well, besides the fact that he dropped out of Notre Dame after being convicted of fraud, Doig Gottlieb just acts like a jerk once the NCAA Tourney rolls around.

He also exhibits clear bias against his former conference rivals. After Syracuse's gross exclusion from the field of 65 last year, Gottlieb was the only basketball analyst defending the committee's decision, even calling Syracuse's pre-season schedule "fraudulent" (despite the fact that he himself had predicted they would make the tourney). He exchanged words with Boeheim and even stated publicly that he received lots of hate mail from Upstate New York.

On ESPN last night, Gottlieb said to watch out for Sienna and discussed their top players (while showing highlights). It just so happened that he only included clips from their loss to Syracuse last November. Why is Gottlieb using that footage? Just to remind all the Syracuse fans out there that their team isn't in the tourney and he knows it

But as much as I dislike him, I'm glad he works for ESPN. Why? Because every other analyst they have is afraid of controversy or crossing the NCAA establishment. That said, it would be nicer if Jay Bilas just stopped being a "yes man".

(speaking of bias in college basketball, Slate had a great piece about the teams we hate in this year's tourney)

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